Tuesday, November 2, 2010


no classes on tuesday :) so instead i worked out which felt good as hell. got the endorphin rush for the day in. then i made an appointment with my counselor to tell him i will not be attending the university next semester. taking a while off to make some money and figure everything out.

sorry for the short post. not much is going on today though.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

this week+end

so this week has been incredibly boring. i have like 6 classes all week. i should be grateful for less work but i really have nothing to do during the day to occupy my time. i need a job and some money bad but both are very scarce here in eau claire, WI. so i spend most of my time aimlessly wandering the internet now that it is too cold to aimlessly wander the campus. i also wish alcohol was easier to come by :(

im going home this weekend again. last weekend i went home and got robbed :( . oh well still gotta love the hometown for all its diversity and weird people. weird people are actually the best kind. im really glad im going to get to see some of my best friends down there.

i have also finally decided that i am not going back to the university next semester. i have always hated school and i finally realized theres a reason- guess its just not meant for me and my overbearing ADHD. i am going to move back home with my parents... ugh... until i have saved up enough money for my own place. again, really need to find a job. so if anyone lives within an hour of minneapolis and would like to help hit me up please :)

hope for a fun weekend. oh yeah. halloween on sunday? how am i supposed to properly celebrate when i have class 9AM the next day???